About Us

We stay true to the traditional ways of making great coffee.

We would like to encourage more people to brew their own coffee at home instead of drinking instant coffee as well as proving that great coffee does not have to be expensive. Coffee pods? Well they are an environmental disaster with billions of their spent casings going to landfills each year. “… it is time for consumers to think about the price of convenience.” (quote from Jean-Paul Gaillard, former CEO of Nespresso.)

Therefore, our rich flavour, freshly roasted quality beans are offered at truly down to earth prices. You will be surprised to learn that despite our low prices, our main lines are 100% the very high quality Brazil Santos Arabica beans.

We are focusing our efforts to getting top roasts that do justice to this great tasting bean.

Our premium raw coffee beans are put through a well-tested roasting process to bring out the rich and flavourful aroma of our beans. Every bag of our roasted beans comes packed with its distinctive burst of flavour.

Our combined experience with coffee extend from harvesting and drying the fruit through to pulling great cups of coffee plus the many other ways of making coffee including cold brew, Penang Kopitiam simulation and the amazing Kampong style drink.

The Web is abound with elitist writing about coffee. Not here or anywhere will we indulge in discussions describing “layers of flavours” or “hints of” this or that. We just say enjoy your coffee any way you like.

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