Medium Roast

Our Roaster’s favourite. This medium roast Brazil Arabica has been fine tuned to bring out the bean’s true character of sweet smooth flavour.

Prices from $10.00

Strong Roast

Most popular roast. 90% of our cafe customers go with this roast. Nearly all our 5-star ratings are due to this roast. Naturally, this is the bean we serve at our take-away/sampling station.

Prices from $10.00

Specialty Blend

This one packs a punch. As is typical of our roasts, bitterness never takes a front seat. The punch comes from its flavour and caffeine!

Prices from $10.00

Turkish Coffee

A special blend of Arabica beans roasted very strong. Have received huge thumbs up by many in the Turkish and Middle Eastern communities here in Sydney.

Prices from $10.00

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