Drip Coffee

This is just about the easiest way to make coffee.

I have been using this humble, inexpensive drip machine for over 5 years now. Still loving it.

The convenience and simplicity of operating the machine makes drip coffee a winner for me.

As a bonus, from the same coffee brew, we can make two distinctly different coffee drinks – Indonesian Style and the standard straight coffee with or without milk added.

First thing in the morning, I just scoop 2 tablespoons of the pre-ground dark roast into the filter basket, pour 2 mugs of water into the water tank and just press the button and proceed to butter the bread and rummage through the fridge to fill the sandwich.

The coffee is ready by the time I finish making the sandwiches – just perfect!

Nowadays, drip coffee machines no longer need paper filters which is great for trees and the environment.

Although we sell espressos and espresso machines, I will never be parted from my drip coffee machine. Yeah, the joy of simple things!

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