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Sydney's got a new Coffee Roaster.

We are encouraging more people to brew their own at home instead of drinking instant coffee and spreading the good news that great coffee does not have to be expensive. Ciffee pods? Well they are an environmental disaster with billions of their spent casings going to landfills each year. “… it is time for consumers to think about the price of convenience.” (quote from Jean-Paul Gaillard, former CEO of Nespresso.)

We are introducing great freshly roasted high quality beans at truly down to earth prices. You will be surprised to learn that despite our low prices, our main lines are 100% the very high quality Brazil Santos Arabica beans.

We are focusing our efforts to maintaining top roasts that do justice to this great tasting bean. You will love it!

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Great roasts and cafe accessories

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Coffee Beans

Masterly roasted in Strong or Medium or our Specialty Blend.

Cafe Accessories

We stock a small range of high quality accessories.

Espresso Machines & Grinders

Our own brand Espresso machines without the Italian sounding names and accompanying high price tags.


People who have tasted our coffee seem to love the experience. Many have shown appreciation for our friendly and efficient service.

Wonderful Coffee and the best business owners will receive you with chat and great attention to what you’re looking for. Can’t wait to pop in back again and have this great stand-up casual coffee and chat!!”

Dorothy de Souza Aguiar

“Was in Sydney and tried Maria Coffee and actually met Maria, Nita such good coffee I am now selling it in the North West. Try it it is an excellent brew.!!!”

John Hallman

“Get your car, bike or feet and go there to taste this great coffee and chat! Love the coffee difference from traditional ones. Just go and grab your experience of the day!”

Rodrigo Marino Ladeira

“Maria coffee is simply amazing. Nita is a lovely person who knows her coffee well. She roast’s her own coffee and packs them in house. You must give it a try.”

Surjit Tarafdar


Strong in flavour

Light in bitterness

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