Simulation of

Penang's "Kopitiam" Coffee

This super black brew tastes simply amazing to us Malaysians and is so very affordable at around AUD 1.00 a cup.

Penang “Kopi” is world famous. Unfortunately it is not very good for your health. If you look into how the roast is made, you too will probably seek an alternative to this popular drink.

We have come up with our special way of roasting to achieve this, our simulation of the brew. This is still the pure beans with nothing added and no processing done other than simply tweaking the roasting process.

  • Put our finely ground coffee in a “tapek” (a cloth sieve attached to a metal frame – see photo). Suggested dosage, 1 tablespoon for each cup.
  • Place the tapek in a jug (suitable for hot, freshly boiled water).
  • Pour in the freshly boiled water and immerse for about
    30-40 seconds with a little jiggling.
  • Remove the tapek (do not press out the coffee from the tapek).
  • Pour into individual cups and enjoy black (Kopi ‘O’) or with a little condensed milk (Kopi). If you prefer your drink cold, add ice (Kopi ‘O’ Peng for black and ….
    Kopi Peng if condensed milk added).
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